Getting a headshot for Pageants, Acting or Modeling is not as simple as it sounds. Ask is this what This Photographer does or is he a Portrait Photographer. There is a difference in Photographers like Doctors, (Specialists).

Makeup and Hair are to be considered. Will you want to change your Hair during the sitting? How much time will you be given to do this?. Sounds like a good make up and hairdresser would be a necessity. Also how many shots will be taken? How many times will you be allowed to change clothes? How about accessories, what if you forget something, Will there be anything to choose from ?

Photo packages: are offered mostly on high volume sales to lots of people herded through in a short time. So most, if not all good headshot Photographers will not offer this option.

Good Headshot Photographers will do Beauty Queens, Actors, Models, Entertainers, etc